The Adventures of Sonic and Friends is a computer animated television show based off the Sonic series. The show began airing on 11th April, 2016, on Disney Junior. The show features Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends getting up to strange adventures.


Volumne 1 (2016)

Title Description
Losing the Game
Air date: 11th April, 2016
The Man decides to play alone after losing a game of Jumping Through The Rings to Tails.
The Big Robot
Air date: 12th April, 2016
Dr. Eggman creates a big robot that tries to destroy the town! It is up to Sonic to stop him!
The Master Emerald
Air date: 13th April, 2016
Knuckles has to put the Master Emerald back together after it breaks!
No Way! I Can't Believe This!
Air date: 14th April, 2016
Dr. Eggman notices he is out of tomato ketchup, and now he can't believe it!
Running for Rings
Air date: 15th April, 2016
Sonic and Tails try to get enough rings to buy super fast shoes!
Sonic's Movie
Air date: 16th April, 2016
Sonic wants to film his own movie, but things go horribly wrong. This episode, based on Sonic Dreams Collection, was rated Adults Only (AO).