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A QPU in Super Mario 64 can be misaligned by hitting a ceiling or going OoB during a quarter-step after building up speed for 12 hours. This sends Mario into an invisible PU with no wall collision or items, which can leave him trapped in limbo. Anyone attempting to move backwards for long periods of time should first fix the camera to avoid crashing their Nintendo 64.

TJ "Henry" Yoshi tends to misalign his QPU due to the required half-A-press technique; it is for this reason that he instead prefers to update the homes of Scuttlebugs.

When asked about QPUs, pannenkoek2012 responded,

In this video,
I'll be explaining
Exactly what I do
To get Watch for Rolling Rocks
In 0.5 A-presses.
But first,
We need to clear something up.

TJ "Henry" Yoshi
Is really depressing and naïve
Because every time I close the half-A-press video,
"Henry" strategically builds up speed
For 12 hours.