The Nontendoverse is a universe in which videogame-related things are deformed via satire. However, only 66 things are known to exist in it.

The fabric of the Nontendoverse is very malleable, allowing for information to be generated out of nowhere and destroyed into nothingness. In addition, information can, will, and is often supposed to contradict itself. On a good day, the whole universe only has around three million contradictions overall. That number is no exaggeration[citation needed]. The Nontendoverse is also non-canon to itself, except when it isn't.


The Nontendoverse is ruled over by the Gods of Humor, who are responsible for keeping their reality in balance. As the purpose of the Nontendoverse is satire, they also delete unfunny information from existence when needed. Responsible for serving the Gods and their every whim are the Users, so called because the Gods have been using them this whole time, beings that are capable of bringing information into the Nontendoverse. If a User wrongs one of the Gods, the latter may also erase the former from having ever existed.


Nontendo is the manifestation of the Nontendoverse in the form of a wikia that nobody likes. It was created on New Year's Day by a sentient pastry spy. Nontendo was originally meant to be the deranged lovechild of Fantendo and Uncyclopedia, but now operates as a taco stand instead. The information of Nontendo is grouped into comprehensive articles that anyone can edit, as long as they are at a computer with an Internet connection, have a Wikia account, are not blocked, and so on and so forth.


Where is the Nonnontendoverse? What is it? And why?


  • The average color of the Nontendoverse is orange.
  • It is said that the Nontendoverse will collapse upon itself if it is made to contain itself as a subset of itself. However, given that it already does and always has, this belief has always been just as untrue as everything else in it[citation needed].