Nintendo Switch is a gaming console by Nintendo released on March 3rd, 2017. The console was revealed in October, after previously being under the codename NX. Many people believed this console was going to be some sort of handheld, home console hybrid, or some vr console. And boy, were they wrong. In the reveal trailer, the name ended up being Nintendo Switch, which was met with a bit of controversy because the name is "too simple", but people eventually got the hang of it.

The trailer itself shows a guy playing The Legend of Zelda Surfing on his Wii U. He then shuts off the console, gets up from his chair, and walks over to the light switch. He then turns his light off using the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch ended up being a light switch, that makes this annoying clicking noise every time you turn it off, which sounds like this

This light switch made by Nintendo is priced at around $299.99 USD, and many Nintendo fans are hyped for this.