New Super Mario Bros. 3 is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo 4DS. It will be released in 2018. With the cutting edge technology of the 4DS, players can smell Wario farting, the environment and various other 'things'.


Mario, Luigi, Wario and Fire Paratroopa are having tea with Princess Peach. Wario is eating his cup. Suddenly, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach by using a magnet (which only sucks up her for some reason, and not the others). Bowser tells the four that he is willing to give them a chance to kick his arse if they give him the eight Keys of Poopness. The group decide to then get the keys and defeat Bowser.

The group defeat Bowser and rescue Peach, only to find that King Boo betrayed Bowser for no reason and has built a haunted house in outer space in order to take over the universe. Bowser helps everybody get to the moon by launching them there by a cannon. They defeat King Boo. The end.



World Mid-Boss Final Boss
World 1: Grass Hills
Boom Boom
Iggy Koopa
World 2: Spicy Doritos Oasis
Spicy Doritos
Boom Boom
Morton Koopa Jr.
World 3: Drunk Disco
High Boom Boom
King Boo
World 4: Hell
Justin Bieber
Wendy O. Koopa
World 5: A Land
Twerk Guy
Bowser Jr. Jr.
World 6: Ruin Factory
Metal Ice Giant
Boom Boom
Ludwig von Koopa
World 7: Water Ocean
a singular Cheep Cheep
Lemmy Koopa
World 8: Bowser's Lame Island
Roy Koopa
Pistol Boom Boom
World 9: King Boo's "Secret" Haunted House
Justin Bieber
Twerk Guy
King Boo


The game was panned for broken controls, poor plot twist, unoriginal and repetitive boss fights and horrible music. Fire Paratroopa was criticised for being broken, by the fact he can fly endlessly.

The game has been considered by many fans to be the worst Mario game of all time. The game holds a score of 9/100 on Metacritic. IGN gave the game a 1.2 out of 10, labelling it "a fucking horrible nightmare". GameSpot gave it 1 out of 10; the reviewer fainted at its low quality.


  • Wario shoots fire balls and ice balls out of his butt, and bullets out of his mouth.
  • Fire Paratroopa's bullets explode with spicy Doritos.