Luigi after selling his soul.

was a successful real estate agent adored by everyone. He was the brother of that hobo bum Mario, and often rubbed his affluence and fame in the latter's face[1].

Luigi was secretly a Satanist, and as such prayed to the Devil for his houses to be sold. Unfortunately, Satan is, scientifically speaking, batshit insane, so occasionally he would fill a house with smelly, flesh-eating Koopalings, causing Luigi to lose offers. Satan was later quoted saying, "Well, they all have to go somewhere, don't they?"[2] Luigi was not one to be bitter about this rare occurrence, however, in part because he had already accumulated billions of dollars in coins.

On October 18, 1985, Luigi made the mistake of selling his soul to the Devil[3], so he is now canonically deceased.

He was also known for his irreverence towards the recreational sport coloquially known as golf.

  1. Of course he loved his brother deep down, but Mario couldn't tell.
  2. Indeed they do. Otherwise, they would be conquering Earth as we speak.
  3. Just take our word for it this time.