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Some Goombas in their natural habitat.

Goombas are handsome mushroom soldiers who are regularly sent in to the Mushroom Kingdom to serve in the War. They are the heroes we need, but not the heroes we deserve. Notable features of this species include their incredible curvy, round heads… that fighting spirit they imbue in each step they take towards their towering opponents… the gall they have to challenge the beautiful Super Mario… all of it is just so astounding.


Goombas are the sons of Bowser. The huge, beautiful Koopa King is the father of the Goombas. The Goombas were all born at once from the Bowser's amazing insides. Wow. The Goombas thanked their wonderful father and went to defeat the Super Mario. However, they failed, despite their best efforts.

Afterwards; the Goombas decided to settle down with good, friendly homes. They someone finish this page for me im really bored