Camel Snapback Mario is a powerup found in New Super Mario Bros. 3. It is obtained by grabbing a Camel Snapback.

The powerup has three uses. The first use lets Mario drive about in a lambo for a few seconds, knocking away enemies. The second use lets Mario throw two slices of Nando's chicken. The final use launches 500 horses onto the stage, attacking every enemy nearby. After all of these attacks are used, Mario reverts to his Super Mario form.

Strangely, if Mario is hit by an enemy while using this powerup, he becomes Fire Mario.


  • The Nando's chicken attack instantly kills Lemmy Koopa for reasons unknown.
  • If the powerup is used during the final boss, the game slows down and may eventually crash, due to the game not being able to render all of the polygons on the screen.